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People are central to our business. We believe that our candidates are not merely employees filling positions, but critical building blocks of our clients' business strategies - thereby driving business growth and solving real business issues. Accordingly, we are passionate about recruiting the right people for our clients.

Placing the right people in the right positions presents a number of challenges. These include finding and developing the right skill sets and managing people to deliver on business goals.

Our experience has shown that hiring the right employee enhances work culture and pays you back a thousand times over in high employee morale, positive forward thinking, planning, and accomplishing challenging goals.

We take a personalised and pro-active approach to staffing needs and placements. We only recruit within our specialised fields, assuring clients and candidates of expert attention, knowledge and advice within their niche areas.


  • Jan

    The different approaches to Recruitment

    by Amanda van Staden on 2017/01/16

    ​I started my recruitment career solely focussing on C# Software Development. It was all I did for two and half years and something I became very good at. I remember asking my boss at the time why we turned away so many requests to assist clients with other orders. His response was one I didn’t understand at the time, however having had a slightly different focus over the last two years has shown me that there are actually two types of recruitment.

  • Dec

    Your Notice Period - how to get through it Professionally and end on a High

    by Felicia van der Merwe on 2016/12/05

    ​I believe it is very important to leave your current employer on the right foot! Especially after everything they have done, taught you and provided you with to perform outstandingly in your role.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to write about how important the exit process from your current employer is and what steps need to be taken to leave on a high. You must make sure that you are the consumate professional during your notice period.

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